Rate – Pune Escorts – Geet Kulkarni

Hiring the escorts is not like buying the everyday essentials of life. Indubitably the rates of Pune escorts are high and you need to be aware of it. Pune escorts are extremely beautiful with busty body and flirtatious styles. All of them differ with regard to their services and rates. But, you need to check your pocket before you hire them.

For single session, you need to pay 15000 which is equivalent to 250 USD; for two sessions, the amount gets just doubled – 25 000 – which is equivalent to 400 USD and for overnight, the amount goes as high as 40000, which is about 700 USD.

The rates of the escorts are genuine and you get what you pay for. Do not think that there is extravagancy of your money. If you think that escorts services play an indispensable role in your life, then you should not compromise with the rates. As spending money for food, clothes and shelter is essential for you, so are the expenses of escorts services.